Thursday, April 25, 2013

Congrats winners! (Payment info)

Congrats to the winners of the awesome items of the auction. Your generosity has been overwhelming and touches my heart. Thanks so much for making this auction a success.

Here's how we're going to do it, to make it the best for all of us.

First, if you haven't yet - email me your contact info at I need an email so I can put you in touch with the person you won your item from. If it's a tangible item, I'll need your address to pass along. If it's a phone call, I'll need your number.

If you donated an item, please email me your Twitter and any websites (blogs, Etsy, etc) you want listed for people to find you and your items. :) 

Second, to make your donation go directly to
Click on the Relief efforts. Enter your amount. (If you won an item for less than $10 email me or if you just want to donate the minimum amount of ten dollars, go right ahead.)

Then either enter West's zip code in the top right space for "your area" (76691) or click In Honor Of. In the space that comes up enter West, Texas Plant Explosion Relief Effort. (I did both.)

It will then go to the billing page. Once you've paid, email a receipt of donation to me and I'll put you in touch with the person who donated the item/items you won.If you won more than one item, you can just make one donation and in your email of receipt give me the item numbers you won.

Also - print your receipt for next year's taxes!!

This is the best way for Texas to get all the funds we've raised without any fees, taxes etc.

***You have one week to make your payment and show receipt of donation. If at the end of the week, the second highest will notified and awarded as the winner of that item.***

THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL OUR WONDERFUL DONORS!!!! I'll be putting together a blog post with everyone's websites and Twitters and Etsy pages so you can find them if you didn't win but want some of their awesome things!(It'll be on my real blog.)

THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL THE BIDDERS! Collectively, we raised almost $4000 dollars. Wow. Just wow. I stand in awe of you and your kind hearts.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and tweeted the heck out of this to make it a success. That money will go along way to food and shelter to the residents of West, Texas affected by the blast.

With all my love and gratitude, Angi Black

P.S. If you want to just make a donation, let me know after you do so I can add it to total we raised for Relief!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Auction Item #62

What's up for grabs: Hand painted decorative letters for your wall

Who donated the awesome: Jessa Russo

Why you have to have it: Because they're beautiful. And you get three. And Jessa made them and she's beautiful. And oh, just go bid already. Jessa will discuss colors and theme with you after you win. All letters six inches tall.

You can pick ONE of the following options:

A wedding set. Either I do or your initials.

Initials for a kids room

Auction Item #61

What's up for grabs: A Hello Kitty Star Wars shirt

Who donated the awesome: Megan Whitmer, author of BETWEEN

Why you have to have it: Cause Megan Whitmer picked it out and modeled it for you. (See picture below) And she is the absolute bestest thing ever. Her taste in T-shirts is top notch and you can wear this with pride. And Hello Kitty plus Star Wars. Must have. (Women's Large, but has a slim cut to it)

Auction Item #60

What's up for grabs: A first chapter critique

Who donated the awesome:Stephanie Diaz, author of EXTRACTION

Why you have to have it: Stephanie is a publishing intern so you'll get great insight. Plus she's an author so she knows what to look for. Good, good stuff.

Auction Item #59

What's up for grabs: A query crit by an editorial intern

Who donated the awesome: Lauren Spieller, author of SIGHTLESS

Why you have to have it: This is great because Lauren is an editorial intern. That means you get to hear all the right things to make your query something that will survive the slush. You gotta have it.

Auction Item #58

What's up for grabs: A signed copy of Twilight

Who donated the awesome: Ashley Turcotte

Why you have to have it: Because it's signed obviously. and say what you like, I know you like Twilight. It's okay. Some of the best people do...or and the majority of the world. It's a paperback copy and a great addition to your book shelf.

Auction Item #57

What's up for grabs: A 3 chapter Critique and a phone call to discuss the chapters

Who donated the awesome: Mandy Schoen

Why you have to have it: Basically, Mandy is awesome. Plus, she's the managing editor at Swoon Romance and an editor for Month 9 Books. She likes wallabies and did I mention she's awesome? True story.