Monday, April 22, 2013

Auction Item #44

What's up for grabs:
 Query Sanity Package:
a query crit
assorted candies
herbal tea
an "autographed" good luck 5x7 of my chicken Phyllis Diller.

Who donated the awesome: Heidi Schulz

Why you have to have it: Because Heidi and her chicken, Phyllis are practically Twitter royalty. I'm not kidding. Phyllis even dressed up like Dr. Horrible for Halloween. No, I'm not joking. And this is a great package. I've included a picture of Phyllis although your celebrity shot will be new and unpublished.


  1. I am starting at $10 but I should warn people that I MUST have this -_-

  2. $20

    You don't scare me, Dahlia!


  3. Okay, this might be weird, but I'd like to do the following: I will match the winning bid up to $50, but I'm not actually bidding myself. I don't need a query critique at the moment, and I'm not a tea or candles kinda fella, but what I would love is my own picture of Phillis Diller if Heidi is willing.

    So, someone else wins the package and I chuck in extra $$ up to 50 simoleons. I even promise to pay in dollars and not chicken feed. Is that okay?

  4. Let me check with Heidi and Phyllis, and I'll get back to you. :)

  5. Phyllis and I say: YES. Thanks, Bill!