Saturday, April 20, 2013

West, Texas Relief Auction

Hey there friends! This has been a crazy week here in the states. I know people everywhere have been affected by the events happening all week. It's crazy to think that some countries live with things like this ALL THE TIME.

But we're very lucky to be where we are. And we're even luckier to be able to do things to help those in need. Aside from the horrible events in Boston, a fertilizer plant in the town of West, Texas literally blew up this week. Many were killed, more were injured and between sixty and eighty homes were leveled.

I saw many fundraisers going for Boston and reminded people not to forget about those affected in Texas. The fab Jessa Russo agreed and suggested I put something together.

So I did.

You know I'm more than talk when it comes to helping people, greening up the planet and being my general hippie self. So in spreading a little love and beauty of creation I asked the most giving community I know, the Artists. Boy, did they ever rally! We have stuff for writers, original artwork, handcrafted jewelry, and many knitted/crocheted items, all made by hand with love. We even have a song for you!

Here's how the auction will work: 

 - Every item will appear on a separate blog page. Bid in the comments. (If you have it set to not show your name when you comment, please include that in your bid.)

- Bidding will remain open for three days. The highest bid when comments close wins! (US dollars only please!)

- You'll have a week to pay for your items. Online wins (critiques, copy edits, etc) can be claimed right away. For hand-crafted items, times will vary. Since many of the pieces are custom order, the artists can't begin until the auction closes.

- We are raising funds for relief in West, Texas and all proceeds will go the Red Cross located there, with our funds being earmarked to stay in the community. They will be able to help the most. ( I got this info straight from the city of West.)

- When you have won your bid, email your name and info to with WestTexas Auction and your item number in the subject line. Your win will then be confirmed and arrangements made for payment and to either get you your winning item or put you in contact with the awesome person donating it.

- If you want to contribute but don't find anything in the auction you would like, or if auctions just aren't your thing, contact me at and I will give you the info needed for straight donations.

- Handmade items/gift baskets/books ship to the US only. Sorry for any inconvenience! 

Please address any questions on this post and keep comments to only bids on the posted items.

A special and very huge thank you to all the amazing people who donated items to this effort. When the auction closes, I'll post a page with more about each of them. I'm such a lucky lady to know such awesome and talented people. It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful this community and my friends are, inside and out. 

Remember - when destruction and hate try to take hold, love and creation will outshine them everytime.

Now - stop reading and get to bidding! No really, go on. You need to beat me there. I already know what I have my eye on.

** The only comments removed by me will be spam comments, just to keep the bids easily visible. **


  1. So does bidding end April 24th at midnight? is it EST time zone?

    1. I'm doing a full 72 hours. so it ends Thursday morning at 8CST! Yay! More bidding time!

    2. So I believe that's 9 AM EST on Thursday for all your east coasters ..I needed to leave a comment here so I remember :)

  2. What a generous list of donors! Thanks for creating an easy and fun opportunity to help others. The rumors of your awesomeness are true. The more involved I get in writing (and the community of writers) the more I am impressed by the humanity and caring of you display. *Nod to you all*

    1. Thank you, Rob. I agree, the Artists/writer community is one of the greatest in the world. Thanks for helping out!

  3. Hehe...should have edited last bit.

  4. Such a good cause! Thank you so much for all your hard work.