Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Auction Item #58

What's up for grabs: A signed copy of Twilight

Who donated the awesome: Ashley Turcotte

Why you have to have it: Because it's signed obviously. and say what you like, I know you like Twilight. It's okay. Some of the best people do...or and the majority of the world. It's a paperback copy and a great addition to your book shelf.


  1. Just a quick note about this so we have full disclosure. The book isn't in perfect condition. It's the copy that I read shortly before going to one of Stephenie Meyer's book signing/Q&A sessions, and I tend to crease my spines. But since being signed, it has been carefully stored in a drawer so that the signature is safe.

    Also, the signature isn't personalized, so it doesn't say my name or anything like that. :)