Saturday, April 20, 2013

Auction Item #2

What's up for grabs: Full critique of a MG or YA manuscript

Who donated the awesome: Marieke Nijkamp

Why that makes it something you must have: Because if you haven't been critted by the amazing Marieke, you probably don't know how good you could actually be writing. She's has great insight, ideas and thoughts and bottom line, your book will turn out better in the end. And she loves Dr. Who. If you bid a TARDIS*, you win.

*Must be actual working TARDIS.


  1. $90

    but if i had a working TARDIS... oh wait if I had a working TARDIS I'd keep it, but you could come along for a ride :)

  2. $100 because I want to help W TX AND my book.

  3. i mean, who DOESN'T want a working TARDIS?


  4. Seems like a full manuscript critique is worth more. I don't have a TARDIS, so I'll just raise the cash bid.