Sunday, April 21, 2013

Auction Item # 29

What's up for grabs:
- Full, comprehensive edit of first 50 pages of MS, as if author is on my desk and on the way to publication. It will be in .docx format with Track Changes. This includes, but not limited to, looking for redundancy, passive writing, inconsistencies, misspellings, punctuation, grammar, characterization, POV, world building, transition and plot issues. 
- One page letter regarding the first 50 pages, the strengths and weaknesses. 
- Conversation with author regarding what experience they are looking to give their audience and how best to achieve prior to edit. 

Who donated the awesome:T.J. Loveless, copy editor at Curiosity Quills

Why that makes it something you must have: You want it. Professional copy editing, an editorial letter about how to improve your work and a talk with the editor about how to move forward? The reason you must have it is a no brainer...because you must have it.


  1. I will start it off with $20!

  2. $30!

    not sure if I need to add my email if it's connected to my name, but here it is anyway

  3. $50.00

    kathleen.doyle88 at yahoo dot com

  4. $60.00

    renaLford(at)gmail dot com