Monday, April 22, 2013

Auction Item #35

What's up for grabs:

-Paperbacks of UNEARTHLY and HALLOWED by Cynthia Hand from Gina Ciocca
-New YA release from Misfit Megan Whitmer
-Query critique from Erica Chapman, Associate Editor at Entangled Publishing
-3 chapter critique from Misfit Jenny Kaczorowski
-Synopsis and first chapter critique from YA author Maggie Hall (YA adventure trilogy, coming from Putnam/Penguin, 2014)
-Guest post on YAMF's Band Geek Thursday

Who donated the awesome:The amazing crew at YA Misfits

Why that makes it something you must have: I would bid on this just for the guest post alone. Band Geek Thursday! Come on. But it's even better. You can split up your critiques, over time or with friends. How cool is that? Just about as cool as the Misfits themselves. Don't be fooled by the moniker. These ladies can rock the argyle and still sit at the cool kids table.